• The Task Force is not an ongoing committee. The TF will be discontinued by the end of February 2023.
  • The TF can meet as many times as needed but should plan to meet at least once per month.
  • The TF should make 3-5 recommendations on specific deliverables to the CSCA board by March 2023.


Three members from the CSCA.

CSCA Board: One representative from the CSCA board to serve as liaison to the Task Force.


Meeting #1

Choose a task force lead.

Get to know everyone and discuss issue: MODO is not well enough known in the community and therefore not being used. Contact MODO re leaflets, advertising budget, & discuss moving car to more noticeable location etc.

 Meeting #2

What is the vision? Find ways to make MODO more known and visible in the community.

Gather the info to make recommendations.

Carl Jensen liaison

Meeting #3

Recommendations from the TF to CSCA:


Expected Outcome

The Task Force will provide specific actions in the form of resolutions to the CSCA so that it can be moved, debated and voted on.