Central Saanich Community Association Constitution and Bylaws

According to our Society Act registration, the Constitution and Bylaws for our Society are as follows:


1. The name of the society is:

Central Saanich Community Association

2. The purpose of the society is:

The Central Saanich Community Association is a non profit civic organization within the municipality of Central Saanich.

We are here to help strengthen and unify community members interested in common goals in order to make the Central Saanich region a better, more vibrant and healthier place to live, work, and play.

The CSCA will serve as a conduit to connect individuals and groups who will work to enhance the community and find effective ways to communicate their concerns.


The bylaws of the society are those set out in Schedule B to the Society Act of 1995.

Download a copy of our Constitution and Bylaws here.

Note: A new Society Act came into effect late 2016, which requires a new set of bylaws by fall of 2018. It is expected that work on this task will begin late 2017 / early 2018.