The Central Saanich Community Association (CSCA) has been approached by our members with concerns regarding the proposed housing development near the intersection of West Saanich and Keating.  As Peninsula Co-Op is the current owner of this property, we are referring to this area as the “Co-Op Lands”.  Please note, the developer and future operator refer to this development as “Legion Village”.

The purpose of this webpage is to gather information about this proposed development into one location to allow for informed decisions.

It is our understanding that the developer of the Co-Op Lands will be Low Hammond Rowe Architects and Townline Housing Solutions.  The operator of the facility will be South Vancouver Island Housing Society (SVIHS).  The website for this proposed development detailing benefits and additional information is:

The location of this proposed development is not in the Agriculture Land Reserve (ALR) but is defined as Rural Lands in the Central Saanich Official Community Plan. Our understanding is currently this land is leased to a local farmer who is growing hay to feed his livestock, and the property owner, Peninsula Co-Op pays farm tax on this specific property.

Size of Project:  As described by the operator, SVIHS ,  “The proposed Legion Village will consist of two L-shaped buildings offering 100 independent living, 100 assisted living and six respite suites.  A third building will offer 24 suites designed and designated for memory care that may be adapted to assisted living if the necessary Government support is not acquired.” 

The plans also depict a proposed fourth apartment building “Future Work Force Housing”.  

Hint:  If you click the square in the bottom left corner the map changes to a satellite view. 

Current Status of the Development Request:

Central Saanich Planning Department has received the request for a development permit for this project. 

As per the CS Planning Department website:

“The District has received a comprehensive development proposal for 3 properties on West Saanich Road together with 1 property on Kersey, as depicted on the site context map below. 

The proposal includes a comprehensive site development of ‘affordable’ rental housing for seniors, consisting of rental housing, independent living and memory care facilities, with a portion of the site dedicated to future workforce housing for families and individuals.

The application includes, among other things, a request to amend the Official Community Plan as the properties are currently designated “rural” and are outside the Urban Containment Settlement Boundary.”

Application (click here to view)

Central Saanich Council has not received a request for approval of this project and the related zoning changes required.

Relationship of this Proposed Development to the Central Saanich Official Community Plan:

Proposed development falls outside the Urban Containment Boundary (it’s also called the Urban Settlement Area) as established by the municipality and the CRD. In addition, the proposed development is to be located outside the Main Corridor Development area.

Please note the following direct references stated within the Official Community Plan:

A) Schedule A, Co-Op Lands defined as Rural Lands.

B) On Page 27, “[the objective of Central Saanich concerning Rural Lands] is to preserve rural lands for rural purposes rather than being considered as a reserve for future residential, commercial or industrial uses.”

C) On Page 25, point 23, “Development on non-ALR land abutting ALR land is to include a buffer strip to reduce conflict between uses.”  This rural property is adjacent to ALR. 

D) On Page 30, point 6, “Along main travel corridors (eg. Wallace Drive, East Saanich Road, West Saanich Road, and Verdier Avenue), support moderate and high density housing forms, including townhouses and apartments up to 4 storeys, where it can be demonstrated that the development is sensitive to the surrounding neighbourhood.  The Geographical extend of where moderate and high density housing along main travel corridors is supported is shown on Schedule A as “Main Corridor Development”.