Climate Action Task Force


After reviewing the 2020 CS Climate Leadership Plan (CLP), task force members determined there was a need to revisit the current CLP to update the plan in response to the increasingly dire warnings outlined in the 2022 Sixth Assessment report released by The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It revealed that the 2020 CLP methodology and target dates will need to be revised to be more in sync with the rapidly accelerating rate of climate change we’re experiencing here and around the globe.

This task force will be focusing our research and subsequent recommendations on the Climate Mitigation and Climate Adaptation sections of the Climate Leadership Plan.




  • The Climate Action Task Force is not an ongoing committee. The task force plans
    on completing all activities by March or April 2023, which at that time will be
    discontinued. If additional time is required, the timelines will be amended.
  • The task force can meet when needed and plan to meet at least once a month.

The task force should make 3-5 recommendations on specific deliverables to the CSCA board before the end of April, 2023.


  • TF members plan to meet with Jennifer Lukianchuk, Senior Climate Action &
    Natural Environmental Coordinator to gain clarity on what work has been done on Climate Mitigation & Climate Adaptation planning to date & the best way forward.
  • Research municipal Climate Action Plans implemented in other communities
  • Research Climate Adaptation Strategies in communities facing similar risks
  • Develop a plan of specific actions to recommend to the CSCA


Four members of the CSCA including two board members.


Produce a report with a number of formal resolution options for the CSCA to consider presenting to the Central Saanich council.