The Central Saanich Community Association understands that effective civic engagement is an integral part of good governance, and that the number and quality of such engagements will directly contribute to the quality of life and wellbeing of its society. At CSCA we are confident that our citizens possess the knowledge and ideas to provide positiveĀ  solutions to community concerns. We want to ensure these ideas are voiced and that interactions between citizens and stakeholders areĀ  considered by the municipality. We will provide that vital link, a link which is currently missing in our region.

Our Mission

The CSCA will serve to strengthen and unify community members interested in common goals in order to make the Central Saanich region a better, more vibrant, and healthier place to live, learn, work and play.

CSCA will support members to become engaged, informed and empowered in community affairs. We will cultivate an environment to help members actively seek out ways to share their voice.

The goal is to have more community involvement in decision-making and civic engagement activities to help better shape the Central Saanich

Come join us!!

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  1. Karen Harris

    I belong to many groups and can not spare time to join CSCA but would like to bring one essential traffic issue to your attention:
    Mount Newton Cross Rd. between West Saanich Road and Wallace Drive.
    The recently approved MNX Rd. trail extension completion will alleviate part of the problem as there is no shoulder between W. Saanich Rd. and St. Stephen’s Rd..
    The greater problems are traffic speed and commercial traffic NOT making local deliveries.
    *Both could be solved with speed bumps. As this is no longer a major Fire Hall access perhaps this could be reconsidered.
    *Relocating the Truck Restrictions sign to both north and south shoulders of West Saanich Rd rather than its current location where it is only visible AFTER the turn is completed.
    *Reduced speed to 40k.
    Personal experience of a friend walking beside me being clipped by a speeding car’s offside mirror and my self walking home with the dog jumping for our lives out of the trajectory of a distracted driver who never did notice us flat in the gravel on the side of the road.
    The north end of MNX Rd. just east of W. Saan. is particularly dangerous as there is a blind hump on a sharp corner that vehicles naturally accelerate for. When it is dump truck of semi with 40 foot rig lives are in danger.

  2. Jackie MacDonald

    I am new to Central Saanich so I have not attended a meeting yet and I have another commitment for tonight so I am not able to be at the meeting.
    I am wondering if there will be an all candidates meeting and if this association will ask candidates if they will follow the Common Vision, Common Action statement that this association has signed.
    I am also concerned about the rising danger of crossing Mt Newton Cross Rd on Central Saanich Rd. I emailed the head engineer for Central Saanich to ask about the plans for this intersection particularly as the Marigold development will soon be finished and the danger will increase dramatically. I did not hear back from him.


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